Grain Fed Beef

We have been raising quality beef since 1981, and have been marketing our calves as hormone and antibiotic free. In 2001 we started to market our beef in the same healthy, natural way and it is dry aged for at least 21 days. Our customers are only consuming a product that was born and raised at 3M, under humane production practices and processed in BC. Our animals are raised on local vegetation, hay and then fattened with the addition of grain to their diet for the last 100 to 120 days. This is the meat that an ever increasing population wants. It has great taste, texture, and flavour, and the fat is white in colour and there is more marbling in the meat. Beef provides an excellent source of protein, zinc, vitamin B12 and iron.

To order you can select from our list of individual cuts to make your own package, or you can choose to purchase a mixed quarter or side, which will give you a variety of cuts for a slightly better value. If you would like to order a certain cut that you don’t see on our list please ask. We work with highly skilled provincially licensed abattoirs only. They would be glad to help understand your needs and design custom cuts for you.

We are proud to supply retail cuts of meat for purchase from Bridge Lake Store. Look for our beef at Chartreuse Moose Restaurant in 100 Mile House. We also sell locally at the Loon Bay Farmers Market on Saturdays from May through September.

100% BC Beef

Lean Ground Beef $5.00 lb
Hamburger Patties (5 oz) 36 per box *** New Size *** $55.00 box
Hamburger Patties (6 oz) 36 per box $60.00 box
Hamburger Patties (6 oz) 6 per stack $10.80 each
Hamburger Patties (5 oz) 4 per stack *** New Size *** $7.20 each
Fresh Beef Sausage (12 lb min. batch) $6.00 lb
Fresh Beef Sausage $6.75 lb
Stew $5.50 lb
Short Ribs $5.99 lb
Round Steak / Roast $6.30 lb
Sirloin Butt Steak / Roast $8.45 lb
Sirloin Tip Steak / Roast $6.75 lb
Top Sirloin Steak / Roast *** 2014 Stock 10% Off *** $7.95 lb
Rib Steak $12.50 lb
Rib-Eye Steak $13.25 lb
New York Steak or Strip Loin $12.75 lb
Tenderloin Steak $17.25 lb
*** All steaks have 2 per package
Blade (Chuck) Roast $5.90 lb
Brisket Roast $5.35 lb
Outside Round Roast $6.85 lb
Top Round Roast $6.85 lb
Eye of Round Roast $6.85 lb
Cross Rib Roast $6.30 lb
Prime Rib Roast $12.95 lb
Pepperoni Sticks $9.99 each
Garlic Stix $9.99 each
All Beef Summer Sausage $9.50 lb
Beef Jerky (3/4 lb package) *** New Size *** $22.00 each
Beef Jerky (80 g package) $6.99 each
Soup Bones $8.00 bag
Heart, Kidney, Liver & Tongue $3.00 lb
Oxtail $4.50 lb
Side (~350 lbs) $3.25 – $4.04 lb
Mixed Quarter (~175 lbs) $3.50 – $4.36 lb
Variety Box $100.00 each

Prices subject to change.